Antico Sposalizio Selargino

58th Edition, from the 4th to the 9th of September 2018

Yesterday, today, a century of traditions

Songs, sounds, ancestral feelings which find their roots in a secular rite. It is in this journey of values that the Ancient Marriage of Selargius takes place. An event made of faith, tradition, identity which represents an ancient love promise.

Relive the 2017 event

Sa cantada a is piccioccas

Su trasferimentu de is arrobas

Celebration and Wedding Procession

Gruppo folk Kellarious di Selargius
La tradizione dell'antico sposalizio selargino
San Giuliano Matrimonio Selargino
La catena, antico sposalizio selargino


Tuesday 4th of  September

10 AM – Press conference for the presentation of the event at the Romanic Church of San Giuliano. With the presence of the District Administration and of the coordinators of the event the married couple will be presented as well with the Bulgarian couple who will also get married.


Wednesday 5th of  September

9 PM – Antonio Panu & Nur. Traditional concert.


Thursday 6th of  September

6 PM – Opening of the exhibition of typical artisan products from Selargius and paining contest in Piazza Si’e Boi.


Friday 7th of  September

9 PMSa cantada a is piccioccas (young women sing traditional Sardinian songs) at Casa Luigi Ligas in Via Rosselli 59, Casa di Luigi Ragatzu in Via San Giuliano 12/14, Sede Pro Loco in Via Bezzecca 46. Entertainment from folk group Kellarious coordinated by Daniela Porru with the participation of the foreign folk group from Bulgaria.


Saturday 8th of  September

7 PM –  Su trasferimentu de is arrobas (traditional Sardinian costumes are carried from Sede Pro Loco in Via Bezecca 46, Via Trieste, Via San Lussorio, Piazza M.V. Assunta, Via San Nicolò, Casa Luigi Ligas).

9 PM – Folkloristic exhibition in Piazza Martiri di Buggerru, Selargius. Dancing and singing of the foreign folk group from Bulgaria and folk groups from Sardinia. Tasting of traditional products.

Sunday 9th of  September

8 AM – Exhibition and food market (bread, pastries and sweets and artisan products) in Ex Casa Collu. Meeting of various folk groups in Piazza Municipio.

8 AM – Dressing of the groom in Casa Canonico Putzu, Via Roma 63.

8.20 AM – Dressing of the bride and meeting with the foreign married couple in Casa Luigi Ligas, Via Rosselli 59.

9 AM – Beginning of the wedding procession coordinated by Kellarious Folk Group. More than 60 groups will be presented along with the group from Bulgaria. Oxen carriages with household goods will be shown during the procession. Procession of the Groom with district authorities. Piazza Municipio, Via Istria, Via Roma (Casa Canonico Putzu), Via Rosselli (Casa della Sposa Fam. Ligas), Via San Salvatore. Wedding Procession with commentary of the anthropologist Cinzia Frau. Piazza Municipio, Via Istria, Via Roma, Via San Salvatore, Piazza Don Orione, Via Santa Olimpia, Via Crimea, Via Custoza, Via Matteotti, Via Rivoli, Via Bellini, Via San Martino, ia Trieste, Via Nievo, Via Istria, Via San Lussorio, Chiesa M.V. Assunta.

11 AM – Mass with celebration of the official wedding in traditional Sardinian Language with the participation of the choir directed by M. Pibiri, with G. Congiu playing the organ. The mass with be shown by Videolina TV and streaming on

12.30 AM –  Love Promise at the Romanic Temple of San Giuliano.

1 PM –  Wedding procession in Via San Nicolò, Via S. Giuliano, Via Dante, Via Roma, Casa Canonico Putzu – Via Roma 63.
Blessing of the married couples and wedding banquet.

8 PM – Folkloristic show in Piazza Martiri di Buggerru. Dancing and singing with the participation of the groups presented during the event. The foreign folk group from Serbia will also participate. Fireworks exhibition. The show will be presented by Ambra Pintore and will then be shown on

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